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An Overview Of Swimming Pools

Swimming poolSwimming pools are great and ideal for recreation. These are containers filled with water that are primarily intended for swimming. These are also called paddling pools, waddling pools, swimming baths, etc.

They come in different varieties and sizes; they are also built with different range of materials like plastic, wood, metals, concrete or fiberglass. There are many important details you really need to know about swimming pools including necessary accessories, chemicals and how to maintain.

Types Of Swimming Pools

Discussing the types of swimming pools will include providing details about its styles and categories. There are public swimming pools which are often large pools constructed in public places like resorts, hotels, health clubs, recreational centers, and fitness centers. Private swimming pools are those restricted to private owners and often built in private homes for personal uses.

In ground swimming pools which have their walls below the surface. These are the classical swimming pools that take the features of lakes or pools of water. Above ground swimming pools are built in the form of bath or basins filled with water. While some are built on the ground, others are portable such as inflatable above ground pools.

Uses For Swimming Pools

The main purpose for building swimming pools are for swimming and recreation. Spas and hot tubs are some types of pools where hot water used to give relaxation to the body. Apart from relaxations or recreations, pools are used in some health clubs and beauty parlors for some kind of treatments or physical therapy.

Those in engage in water sports often use swimming pools for exercise and competitions. Examples of sporting activities that are played in swimming pools include diving, water polo, synchronized swimming, underwater hockey, and canoe polo etc. Some professionals like astronauts, lifeguards, and the marines use these as training facilities.

Swimming pools come in various sizes and can be constructed inside the house, at the backyard, on rooftops (like we have in some skyscrapers), etc. There are many brands out there and many accessories that are needed to maintain it. Before you install one, ensure you are knowledgeable on how to install and maintain it so you can achieve the best of results.

Maintaining Your Pools Water Levels

Water evaporation and frequent backwashing to clean your pool filter means you will constantly need to top up your pool water. Many pool owners therefore depend upon a water tank.

There are various rebates available if you also choose to plumb in your rainwater tank to your water supply. If you’ll be drinking, it is always safest to go with poly water tanks as your water will never be tainted by metals or even lead.

When it comes to rainwater tanks, a manufacturer I often recommend to people is Team Poly.

Three Good Reasons To Get Above Ground Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool WaterIf you are still skeptical as to whether to choose an above ground pool or not, this article contains the following top reasons why you should choose above ground pools today:

They are easy to move about

Above ground pools can easily be moved from one part of the home to another. This can help you to conveniently set up the pool to any location you want.

In some cases, the set up and location of this pool readily help you to blend with the esthetic of your home.

They are easily upgradable

Above ground pools can help you upgrade to in-ground pool. This is because you can use them to get the feel and enjoy how a pool looks like before going for permanent ones.

In other words, you can easily upgrade to bigger and more permanent in-ground pools.

They are more economical to have

For sure, the cost of swimming pool could be one major factor that has been hindering them from having a pool installed in their homes.

With above ground pools you really don’t have to worry about the cost because these pools are economical to buy and you still get to have good fun their features. These pools are also economical to maintain.

Topping up with water

If you’re water conscious then something to think about is the water you’ll need to top up your pool with. And if you have an above ground pool that can be easily dismantled after Summer, then you’ll need to refill it when you assemble it again. For your swimming pool, it is highly recommended that you purchase a rainwater tank. Here a three Australian water tank suppliers I recommend:

  • National Poly Industries manufacture and supply quality poly water tanks throughout Queensland and NSW/ACT. Make sure you include these guys as someone to talk with if you do decide to get a rainwater tank installed.
  • Clark Tanks manufacture and supply water tanks that are trusted out in the country. They service Queensland, NSW and Victoria.
  • Team Poly are a popular brand in South Australia, and provide an extensive range of poly tanks in different shapes and sizes. They deliver also to certain areas in Victoria and NSW.

Safety Tips You Can Apply When Making Use of a Swimming Pool

The use of swimming pools in the home or in public places should be done bearing safety in mind. This is because there are often hazards that could befall people or animals where these pools are installed.

While the benefits of this facility are helpful for the body and mind, the risks associated with them should be put to heart.

The following are highlights of safety tips for using a swimming pool you should apply. The application of these tips is necessary to ensure that injuries are prevented in the cause of having or using a swimming pool in the home.

  • You should install pool safety fencing or enclosure to restrict unauthorized access to the pool area. This is more important when animals or children run around the area.
  • If an above ground swimming pool is used in the home, sitting on the rim or railing should be avoided or discouraged. Doing this will serve as a preventive measure against injuries from falls.
  • Horseplay and running around the swimming pool area should be discouraged.
  • Children should properly be supervised by responsible adults when they use the swimming pool or play around the area. A responsible adult should be made to supervise their acts so they don’t fall into the water and get injured or drowned.

Top up Your Swimming Pool with a Rainwater Tank

During the months of Summer your swimming pool will loose many litres of water and require topping up. Some Australian local councils, especially if you live in an area with water restrictions, disallow you topping up your pool with mains water unless you meet water efficiency requirements. Three rainwater water tank manufacturers we recommend checking out are Clark Tanks, National Poly Industries and Team Poly.


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