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Is Rainwater Harvesting a Fad or Fab?

Many people wonder if a rainwater tank is really worthwhile. You can save much money paying for your water usage and governments today often want us to meet green efficiency targets. So there are many reasons both practical and fiscal to purchase a water tank.

Of course how much water you collect in your tank will depend on where you stay and the rainfall in the area. But generally, try to have as many downpipes on your roof catchment area to ensure that you can save at least 80 percent of the rainwater that falls on your roof. A small to medium sized home with about 250 sq meters of roof can have 3 downpipes for efficient saving. With Sydney rains, it is possible to harvest as much as 100,000 litres of water in a year!

But your usage pattern will finally decide how efficient your tank is. If you store 100,000 litres in a year before you use it, you will be wasting all that overflowing water the next time it rains.

So in addition to deciding upon your desired style of tank – whether slimline water tanks, round water tanks, underground water tanks or something else – make your measurements, check your area’s rainfall patterns, your own usage patterns and come to a reasonably workable plan for how much water to save in a year. Buy your tank accordingly, and you will be able to make the most of the rains and survive the dry spells quite comfortably.

And remember, harvested water tastes better as it’s less salty and the plants and appliances love it!


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