Connecting Multiple Water Tanks Together to Harvest Rainwater

Linking rainwater tanks together is an easy way to increase your water storage capacity and isn’t necessarily a complicated task.

Although we recommend hiring professional help, the easiest method appears to be linking tanks together in series through their overflow. This will result in your first tank needing to fill up before rainwater flows into your second and third tanks. The last tank in the series is setup with an overflow to expel excess water into your stormwater drain.

Obviously, you want to be able to access all stored water in your tanks. To do this, you should connect all your tanks together from their outlet to underground piping running underneath each. At the outlet of each tank, it is good to install isolation valves so the release of water in each tank can be controlled. The underground piping leads to a single access point, such as your pump, which then pushes all water to where it is needed throughout your property.

This allows you to fill all tanks at the same time by simply opening all valves. If you prefer each tank to fill up consecutively, then simply close all isolation valves. A great article we recommend reading for more information was put together by Clark Tanks: How to Link Multiple Rainwater Tanks Together.

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