What You Should Know About Potable Water Tanks

Domestic Round Water TankWater tanks are often used as part of a rainwater harvesting system to collect high-quality water from rooftops during downpours. These containers are now made from different tough and durable materials like plastic, steel, fiberglass, concrete, etc (see Steel vs Concrete vs Fibreglass vs Poly Tanks).

Volumes of water are often installed some of these tanks so it can be used for quite a lot of purposes.

Water stored in tanks can be used to wash dirty things, irrigate the farms and gardens, extinguish fire outbreak, construct road, flush the toilets, and most importantly for drinking.

When water has been treated and provided as drinking water, it is often referred to as potable water.

There are different types and water tank styles, but some are specifically useful for drinking or potable water. You need to understand or get an overview of water tanks for potable water.

  • Water tanks constructed for use drinking water can be made from different types of materials — hence you can find them as steel potable water tanks, plastic potable water tanks, etc.
  • Water tanks for potable water are made in such way that users can easily store, disinfect and maintain the water.
  • Some tanks are prone to items that could contaminate the water inside and make them unhealthy for drinking, by the nature of good potable water tanks, getting rid of contaminants like lead, algae, nitrates, pesticides; etc from the water becomes easy.

If you reside in Australia and need a rainwater tank, then I highly recommend Clark Tanks or National Poly Industries.

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